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The “scrapbook” refers to the source material and newspaper cuttings and other source material for the book “90 Plus“.

Originals of documents are kept in Tunbridge Wells Museum vault, and can be viewed by appointment.

The list below shows all the venues where we have given concerts in the 20th century – the abbreviations (in square brackets) refer to those used in the list of all our concerts in the list below. Venues recently used are listed on the concert and rehearsal venues page.

[AH]=Assembly Hall     [B]=Bredbury     [BH]=Byng Hall      [BT]=Baptist Tabernacle   [ChCh]=Christ Church    [D]=Dunorlan     [GH]=Great Hall     [Glyn]=Glyndebourne  [HT]=Holy Trinity   o/a=open-air    [Pem]=Pembury    [PemPl]=Pembury Place   [PR]=Pump Room [RFH]=Royal Festival Hall          [StA]=St Andrew’s         [StB]=St Barnabas    [StJ]=St John’s       [StM]=St Mary’s, Goudhurst  StS = St Swithun’s (E Grinstead)     TTh=Trinity Theatre     VR=Vale Royal

1905 to February 1942 – All concerts conducted by Francis Foote

Although the choir was founded in the autumn of 1904, the inaugural concert was not held until the following year.

In the years for which no concerts are recorded it was either because Mr Foote was ill or the concerts were given in Eastbourne, Seaford or Heathfield as it was not easy to find anywhere in Tunbridge Wells to accommodate his large forces.

1905 Click to view review  10 May   Brahms  Requiem  in Great Hall [GH]
1906 Click to view review  2 May   Dvořák  Stabat Mater, Brahms  Song of Destiny, Foote  Mass in C minor (Kyrie & Gloria) [GH]
Click to view scrapbook page1906  13 Dec  Bruch   Psalm 23, Dvořák   Psalm 149, Brahms  Song of Destiny [GH]
1907Click to view scrapbook page  27 Mar  Bach   St Matthew Passion  [GH]
Click to view scrapbook pageClick to view scrapbook page 1907  4 Dec  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [GH]
1908Click to view scrapbook page  8 Apr  Brahms  Requiem  [GH]
1909Click to view scrapbook page Click to view review  12 May   Handel  Messiah  [GH]
1910Click to view scrapbook page Click to view review  17 Feb   Brahms & Tchaikovsky  Chamber Concert with Part songs  [GH]
Click to view scrapbook page Click to view review1910  25 May  Verdi  Requiem    (In Memoriam: King Edward VII)    [GH]

Click to view scrapbook page1911Click to view poster  8 June  Grand Coronation Concert  [GH]
1912Click to view scrapbook page  8 May  Bach   Mass in B Minor  (In Memoriam: Titanic disaster)  [GH]
Click to view scrapbook page 1912 11 Dec  Handel  Messiah  [GH]
1913Click to view scrapbook page  10 Dec  Handel  Messiah  [GH]
1914Click to view scrapbook pageClick to view programme  6 May  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [GH]
1914  24 June  Brahms  Requiem  [Eastbourne]
Click to view scrapbook page 1914  16 Dec  Handel  Messiah  [GH]
1915  10 Feb  Brahms & Mendelssohn  sundry works  [GH]
Click to view scrapbook page1915  8 Dec  Handel  Messiah  [GH]
1916  26 Apr  Concert for Zenana Mission
1916  25 Sept  Musical evening
1916   18 Oct  Concert for St Dunstan’s
1916   13 Dec  Handel  Messiah  [VR]
1917Click to view scrapbook page  25  July  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [B o/a]
Click to view scrapbook page1917  5  Dec  Handel  Messiah  [Spa Hotel]
1918Click to view scrapbook pageClick to view scrapbook page  10 July  Brahms  Requiem  [B o/a]
1919Click to view scrapbook page   9 Apr  Handel  Messiah  [HT]
1919   30 Apr  Handel  Messiah  [St Peter’s]
Click to view scrapbook page 1919  16 July  Handel  Judas Maccabeus  [HT]
1919  30 July  Peace Choir  [Calverley Grounds & GH]
1919   26 Nov   Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha (I and II)  [GH]
1919   2 Dec  Carol Concert  [BH]
1920  30 June  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [B o/a]
1920 26 Dec Carol Concert [GH]

1921  16 Mar  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha (part I)  [PR]
1921   13 Apr  Handel  Messiah (twice)  [HT]
1921   25 May  Handel  Messiah (twice)  [St John’s]
1922  17 May  Brahms  Song of Destiny  [PR]
1922   26 May  Choral and Orchestral Concert  [BH]
1922   6 Nov  Choral and Orchestral Concert  [PR]
1923  28 Feb  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [HT]
1923  11 Apr  Handel  Messiah  [HT]
1924  30 Jan  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha (twice)  [PR]
1924   3 Dec  Handel  Messiah (twice)  [PR]
1925  4 Nov  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha (twice)  [PR]
(1926/1927) – no records
1928  20 June  German  Merrie England  [D o/a]
1929  11 Dec  Handel  Messiah  [HT ]
1930  26 Feb  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [HT ]
1930   17 Dec  Handel  Messiah (twice)  [Ht]

(1931)     no records
1932  23 Mar  Bach  St Matthew Passion  [HT]
7 Dec  Handel  Messiah  [HT]
1933  29 Mar  Mendelssohn  Elijah (twice)  [HT]
(1934)     no records
1935  13 Mar  Handel  Messiah (twice)  [HT]
3 July  German   Merrie England  [PemPI o/a]
1936   1 Apr  Bach  St Matthew Passion  [PR]
(1937/1938) no records
1939  1 Mar  Handel  Messiah  [ChCh]
(1940) no records
1941  26 Oct  Handel  Messiah  [AH]
1942  22 Feb  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [AH]

September 1942 to September 1943 – Concerts conducted by George Weldon unless otherwise stated

39th Season
1942  13 Sept  Elgar  King Olaf & The Music Makers [AH]
1942    11 Nov  V Williams  A Sea Symphony Elgar  Spirit of England Duckworth  Man of Kent (Conducted by Myer Fredman) [AH]
1942  13 Dec  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [AH]
1943click to view poster   11 Apr  Handel  Messiah  [AH]

40th Season
1943   5 Sept  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha  [AH]
1943Click to view poster  12 Dec  Mendelssohn  Hymn of Praise, Bach  Sleepers wake (conducted by Sir George Dyson) [AH]
1944Click to view poster  26 Mar  Handel  Messiah (conducted by Sir George Dyson) [AH]

April 1944 to December 1945 – Conductor Sidney Ansell unless otherwise shown

40th Season (contd)
1944    30 Apr   Haydn  Creation  [BT]

41st Season
1944    22 Oct   Handel  Judas Maccabeus   [StA]
1945    7 Jan     Carol Concert  [St John’s]
1945   11 Feb  Choral Concert     [Hartfield]
1945    27 May   Mendelssohn  St Paul  [St James’]

42nd Season
1945    30 Sept  Handel  Samson  (Conducted by A D Croucher)  [Cranbrook]
1945   25 Nov   Parry  Blest Pair of Sirens  V Williams   Toward the unknown Region   [VR]
1945    23 Dec  Carol Service     [Langton]
1945    30 Dec  Carol Service     [Penshurst]

March 1946 to March 1948 – Conductor Albert Croucher unless otherwise shown

42nd Season (contd)
1946   11 Mar  Brahms  Requiem 
1946   18 Mar  Brahms  Requiem 
1946   25 Mar  Brahms  Requiem  [Mayfield]

43rd  Season
1946   24 Nov  Mendelssohn  Elijah  (Conducted by John Hollingsworth)  [AH]
1947  20 Apr  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha  (Conducted by John Hollingsworth) [AH]

44th Season
1947  23 Nov   Handel  Messiah  [AH]
1948Click to read review  10 Mar  Haydn  Creation  [St James’]

November 1948 to May 1953 – Conductor Robert Miller unless otherwise shown

45th Season
1948Click to view poster  14 Nov  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [AH]
1949Click to read review  6 Apr  Bach  St Matthew Passion  [St James’]
1949  Good Friday  15 Apr  Bach  St Matthew Passion (Conducted by Dr Reginald Jacques) [Glyn]

 46th Season
1949   13 Nov  Handel  Messiah  [AH]
1950  Good Friday  7 Apr  Bach  St Matthew Passion (Conducted by Dr Reginald Jacques) [Glyn]
1950Click to read review  19 Apr  Bach  Mass in B minor  [St James’]

47th Season
Click to view poster1950  8 Nov  Brahms  Requiem  [St James’]
1950 10 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1951Click to read review  18 Mar  Bach  St Matthew Passion  [AH]
1951   23 Mar  (Good Friday) Bach  St Matthew Passion (Conducted by Dr Reginald Jacques) [Glyn]
1951   1 July  Festival of Britain Concert: Parry  Blest Pair of Sirens, Handel  Zadok the Priest (Conductors: John Hollingsworth and Robin Miller)  [AH]

48th Season
1951   18 Nov  Handel   Messiah  [AH]
1951  9 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1952Click to read review  18 Feb  Brahms  Requiem  (Memorial Concert – George VI)  [ChCh]
1952  2 Apr  Bach  Mass in B minor  AH
1952   21 May  Mozart  Requiem  [ChCh]

49th Season
1952    19 Oct  Handel  Messiah  [AH]
Click to read review1952     21 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1953  22 Mar  Elgar  Dream of Gerontius  [AH]
1953  6 May  Haydn  Creation   [ChCh]

December 1953 to May 1964 – Conductor Dr Harold May unless otherwise shown

50th Season
1953  13 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1954  31 Jan  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha   [AH]
1954  14 Apr  Bach  St Matthew Passion  [ChCh]

 51st season
1954  21 Nov  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [AH]
1954  12 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1955  30 Mar  Bach  St Matthew Passion  [St James’]
1955   8 June  Bach  Jesu, priceless Treasure  [AH]

52nd  Season
1955   18 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1956    30 Mar  Handel  Messiah  [AH]

53rd Season
1956   7 Nov    Mozart   Requiem, Ave Verum  [St Luke’s]
1956  16 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1957  19 Apr  Bach  St Matthew Passion  [AH]
1957  22 May  Haydn  Creation  [ChCh]

54th Season
1957  13 Nov  Handel  Messiah  [St Luke’s]
1957   15 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1958   23 Mar  Elgar  Dream of Gerontius  [AH]
1958   15 Apr  Handel  Messiah  [StS]

55th Season
1958   12 Nov  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [St John’s]
1958   14 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1959  15 Mar  Verdi  Requiem
Click to view programme1959  24 May  Ireland  These things shall be (Concert celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Royal Tunbridge Wells.  Conducted by John Hollingsworth – in presence of John Ireland)   [AH]

56th Season
Click to view reviewClick to view programme1959    5 Nov  Handel  Messiah  [AH]
Click to view programmes 1959    13 Dec  Carol Concert with Owen Brannigan  [AH]
1960Click to view reviewClick to view programme  2 Mar  Bach  Mass in B minor  [ChCh]
1960  4 May  Mendelssohn  Hymn of Praise,  Rossini  Stabat Mater  [St Luke’s]

57th  Season
Click to view reviewClick to view programme1960  20 Nov  Vaughan Williams  A Sea Symphony, Brahms  Requiem  (Attended by Mrs Vaughan-Williams) [AH]
Click to view reviewClick to view programme       1960 18 Dec    Carol Concert    [AH]
1961Click to view reviewClick to view programme    30 Mar  Bach  St Matthew Passion    [AH]
Click to view programme1961   31 May  Kodaly  Missa Brevis  (End of Season Choral & Orchestral Concert)  [St Luke’s]

58th Season
Click to view programme1961  19 Nov  Mendelssohn  Elijah (Conducted by Charles Groves) [AH]
Click to view review Click to view programme1961  17 Dec  Carol Concert    [AH]
1962 Click to view reviewClick to view programme  25 Mar   Haydn  Creation       [AH]
1962   9 May  Purcell  Te Deum, Mozart   Requiem  [ChCh]

59th Season

Click to view reviewClick to view programme1962    18 Nov   Elgar   Dream of Gerontius  (Conducted by Sir Adrian Boult)  [AH]
1962    16 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1963Click to view programme    24 Mar  Beethoven  Missa Solennis  [AH]
Click to view programme1963  8 May  Brahms  Song of Destiny, Fauré   Requiem  [St Luke’s]
Click to view programme1963    1 July    Handel  Messiah (Kent Regional Festival – combined choirs Conducted by Trevor Harvey) [AH]

60th Season
Click to view Diamond Jubilee Season – Combined Programme for all concerts (Nov 1963 – May 1964)
1963 17 Nov  Verdi  Aida  [AH]
1963 15 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1964  15 Mar  Bach  St Matthew Passion (Conducted by Sir Adrian Boult)  [AH]
1964 10 May  60th Anniversary Concert:  V Williams  A Sea Symphony,  Britten  Rejoice in the Lamb, Le Fleming  Five Psalms (Conductors: Trevor Harvey, Albert Croucher and Robin Miller)  [AH]

November 1964 to May 1972 – Concerts conducted by Trevor Harvey
61st season
1964Click to view programme   15Nov Brahms   Requiem, Kodaly  Missa Brevis  [AH]
1965Click to view programme   21 Feb  Handel  Messiah  [AH]
Click to view programme1965   11 Apr  Purcell  Te Deum,HaydnNelson Mass   [AH]

62nd season
Click to view programme1965   21 Nov  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [AH]
Click to view programme1965   12 Dec  Carol Concert   [AH]
1966Click to view programme   27 Mar  Rossini  Stabat Mater, Bruckner  Mass No 3 (F minor)  [AH]

63rd season
Click to view programme1966   20 Nov  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha  [AH]
1966  18 Dec  Carols (inc. excerpt from Vivaldi’s Gloria)  [AH]
1967   9 Apr  Elgar  Dream of Gerontius  [AH]

64th season
Click to view programme1967   19 Nov  Haydn  Creation  [AH]
1967   17 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1968Click to view reviewClick to view programme  24 Mar  Verdi  Requiem  [AH]

65th season
Click to view programme1968   17 Nov  Handel  Messiah  [AH]
Click to view programme1968   15 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1969Click to view programme   16 Mar  Elgar  The Music Makers, Lambert The Rio Grande,  Handel Zadok the Priest  [AH]
Click to view programmesigned programme  1969   15 June  Beethoven 9th Symphony Parry Blest Pair of Sirens (60th Anniversary of Royal Tunbridge Wells &  dedicated to RTWCS and Cyril Wood, Secretary)  [AH]

66th season
Click to view review
Click to view programme 1969 16 Nov  Verdi  Aida  [AH]
Click to view programme Click to view poster1969  14 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1970 previewClick to viewclick to view programmeClick to view programme  15 Mar  Bach  St John Passion  [AH]
Click to view programme 1970 9 May  Kodaly  Missa Brevis Stanford  Songs of Farewell [Frant Ch]

67th season
Click to view programme1970  15 Nov  Mendelssohn  Elijah  [AH]
Click to view programme1970  13 Dec   Carol Concert (conductor Anthony Gould)  [AH]
1971click to view programme   21 Mar  Wood  St Mark Passion  [StB]
1971   28 Mar  Wood  St Mark Passion  [Penshurst]
click to view programme1971  3 Apr  V Williams  Dona Nobis Pacem,  Brahms  How lovely are Thy Dwellings (Requiem)  [RFH]
click to view programmeClick to view poster1971  18 Apr  V Williams  Dona Nobis Pacem  Brahms   How lovely are Thy Dwellings (Requiem) [AH]

68th season
Click to view programme 1971   14 Nov  Elgar  Dream of Gerontius  [AH]
1971   12 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
Click to view programme1971  18 Dec  Handel  Messiah (part 1)  [StJ]
Carols (record made)
1972click to view programme  26 Mar  Bach  St Matthew Passion  [AH]
Click to view programme1972  16 Jul  Carnival Concert – with Salvation Army and others  [StB]

December 1973 to May 2004 – Conductor Derek Watmough unless otherwise shown

70th Season
1973Click to view programme  16 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1974click to view programme  7 Apr  Bach  St John Passion  [AH]

71st Season
Click to view programme1974  10 Nov  Handel   Messiah   (Conducted by Myer Fredman) [AH]
click to view programme 1974 15 Dec  Carol Concert   [AH]
1975click to view programme  13 Apr  Verdi  Four Sacred Pieces, Holst   Hymn of Jesus, Walton  Coronation Te Deum , (with the Bedford Symphony Orchestra) [AH]

72nd Season
Click to view programme1975  9 Nov  Orff  Carmina Burana, V-Williams  In Windsor Forest    [AH]
1975Click to view programme  14 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1976click to view programme  11 Apr  Bach  Mass in B minor (Conducted by Richard Hickox) [AH]

73rd Season
Click to view programme1976  14 Nov  Mendelssohn   Elijah  (Conducted by Alan Wicks)  [AH]
1976Click to view programme  19 Dec   Carol Concert (Conducted by Anthony Smith-Masters) [AH]
1977Click to view programme  17 Apr  Elgar   Dream of Gerontius  [AH]

74th Season
Click to view programme 1977 13 Nov  Haydn  Nelson Mass,  Britten  Cantata Academica  Brahms  Song of Destiny [AH]

Click to view programme1977  18 Dec  Christmas Entertainment  [AH]
1978click to view programme  16 Apr  Beethoven  Missa Solemnis  [AH]

75th Season
click to view programme 1978   12 Nov  Brahms  Requiem, Fauré Requiem  [AH]
click to view programme1978  17 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1979Click to view programme  24 Mar  Borodin  Polovtsian Dances (Prince Igor)Lambert  The Rio Grande, Orff  Carmina Burana  [AH]

76th Season
Click to view reviewClick to view programme 1979   11 Nov  Handel  Messiah  [AH]
Click to view programme1979    16 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1980click to view programme  23 Mar  Bach  St Matthew Passion  (Conducted by Brian Wright) [AH]

77th Season
Click to view programme1980  16 Nov  Baroque Concert: Handel  The King shall rejoice,  Monteverdi  Beatus Vir, Purcell  My Heart is inditing, Vivaldi  Gloria [AH]
1980   14 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1981Click to view programme   12 Apr  Verdi   Requiem  [AH]

78th Season
Click to view programmeClick to view poster1981   13 Dec  Bach  Christmas Oratorio (in a blizzard!) [AH]
1982Click to view programme   18 Apr  Poulenc  Gloria, V Williams  A Sea Symphony  [AH]

79th Season
Click to view programme
1982    14 Nov  Mozart  Mass in C minor  [AH]
1982    12 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1983Click to view programme  10 Apr  Puccini  Messa di Gloria, Schubert   Mass in A flat  [AH]

80th season
Click to view programmeClick to view poster1983  13 Nov  Elgar  Dream of Gerontius  [AH]
Click to view programme1983  11 Dec  Carol Concert with Mayfield Band & Pembury Junior School  [AH]
1984Click to view programme  8 Apr  Beethoven  Choral Fantasia, Bruckner   Mass in F minor view poster  [AH]

81st Season
Click to view programme1984  11 Nov  Mozart  Requiem , Haydn  Autumn (The Seasons) [AH]
Click to view programme1984  16 Dec   Carol Concert  [AH]
1985Click to view programme  24 Mar  Bach (tricentenary)  St John Passion   Click to view review  [AH]

82nd Season
Click to view programme1985  10 Nov  Handel  Alexander’s Feast   Click to view review  [AH]
Click to view programme 1985 15 Dec  Carol Concert   Click to view(Preview)  [AH]
1986 Click to view programme  13 Apr  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha Click to view  [AH]

83rd Season
Click to view programme1986  9 Nov   Handel  Messiah  [AH]
1986  14 Dec  Carol Concert (with Pembury Junior School)  [AH]
P1987   29 Mar   Elgar   The Kingdom   [AH]R
Click to view programme1987  6 June    Bach  Cantata BWV 147 “Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben“, Mozart  Coronation Mass,  Pergolesi  Magnificat  (Conductors: Klaus-Uwe Ludwig and Derek Watmough – with Wiesbaden Bach Chor) [AH]

84th Season
Click to view programme1987    8 Nov  Vivaldi  Gloria, Britten  St Nicolas  [AH]
Click to view programmeClick to view poster1987  13 Dec  Carol Concert (with Pembury Junior School)  [AH]
1988Click to view programme   27 Mar  Rossini  Petite Messe solennelle  [AH]

85th Season
Click to view programme
1988   13 Nov  Mendelssohn  Elijah  (Conducted by Jared Armstrong) [AH]
Click to view programme1988   11 Dec  Carol Concert (with Pembury Junior School)  [AH]
1989Click to view programme   9 Apr  Bach  Mass in B minor  [AH]

86th Season
Click to view programme1989  
12 Nov  Haydn  Creation  [AH]
Click to view programme1989  
10 Dec  Carol Concert  [AH]
1990Click to view programme   25 Mar  Brahms  Requiem, Bernstein Chichester Psalms [AH]

87th Season
Click to view programme
1990   9 Dec  Verdi  Requiem, Britten  Ceremony of Carols      (Soloists delayed by snowstorm!)  [AH]

Click to view review1991Click to view programme  14 Apr   V Williams  A Sea Symphony, Poulenc  Gloria  [AH]

88th Season
Click to view programme1991  5 Oct  Haydn  Creation   (for Hospice – with Tonbridge and Crowborough)  [AH]
Click to view programme1991   8 Dec  Mozart  Coronation Mass, V Williams  Fantasia on Christmas Carols  [AH]
1992Click to view programme   10 May  Elgar  The Music Makers, Gounod  St Cecilia Mass  [AH]

89th Season
1992   26 Sep  Handel  Zadok the Priest  (Mayor’s Gala concert) [AH]
Click to view programme 1992     4 Oct  Beethoven  Choral Symphony (RTW Symphony Orchestra’s “Concert for Europe”)  [AH]
Click to view programme1992   29 Nov  Handel  Messiah  [AH]
1993  21 Mar  Coleridge-Taylor  Hiawatha  [AH]

90th Season
Click to view programme1993   28 Nov  Handel  Ode on St Cecilia’s Day, Bach  Sleeper’s wake  [AH]
Click to view programme1993   12 Dec  Carol Concert   [AH]
1994Click to view programme  21 May   Elgar  Dream of Gerontius (With the Wiesbaden Bach Choir) [AH]

91st Season
Click to view programme1994   8 Oct   Handel  Messiah  (for Hospice – with Tonbridge and Crowborough)  [AH]
1994   27 Nov  Verdi  Aida  [AH]
Click to view programme   1994   11 Dec  Carol Concert  [StJ]
1995Click to view programme   26 Mar  Rossini  Stabat Mater, Haydn  Spring (The Seasons)   [AH]

92nd Season
Click to view programme1995   26 Nov  Vivaldi  Gloria, Rutter  Magnificat  [AH]
1996 Click to view programme    24 Mar   Bach  St. Matthew Passion  [AH]

93rd Season
Click to view programme10 Nov  Brahms  Academic Festival Overture & German Requiem  [AH]
Click to view programme  14 Dec   Christmas Music  [StM]
1997Click to view programme   17 May  Britten  Simple Symphony Lambert  Rio Grande, Bernstein  Chichester Psalms, Rutter  Magnificat – With the Wiesbaden Bach Choir   [AH]

94th Season
Click to view programme   9 Nov  Mendelssohn   Elijah  [AH]
Click to view programme   14 Dec  Christmas Concert  [StM]
1998Click to view programme   29 Mar  Verdi  Requiem  [AH]

95th Season
Click to view programme1998   8 Nov  Beethoven  Coriolanus Overture, Choral Fantasia & Mass in C  [AH]
Click to view programme1998  13 Dec    Christmas Concert  [StM]
1999click to view programme  18 Apr  Mendelssohn  Ruy Bas Overture, Orff  Carmina Burana, (Click to read textclick to view text)     Brahms  Song of Destiny  [AH]

96th Season
Click to view programme1999  28 Nov   Opera Arias & Choruses  [AH]
2000Click to view programme  15 Apr  Elgar  The Kingdom  [AH]
Click to view programme2000  12 Nov  Rossini  Overture “Thieving Magpie”, Petit Messe Solonnelle [AH]
9 Dec  Christmas Concert  [StM]

For Concerts in the 21st Century (2001 to present day) see our Reviews page.

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