The current (2019/2020) officers and committee members with email contact addresses are:

Michael Selway

Vice Chair 
Glen Goodall

General Secretary
Janet Noble

Ailsa McMahon *

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Publicity Manager
Lydia de Montfort

Concert Secretary
Sheila Jones

Membership Secretary
Jane Walters

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Committee Vacancy

Website Manager
Antony Gordon

Committee Member
Stephen Pollard

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Committee Member
Ros Robertson

Committee Member
Sue Taylor

Committee Member
Catherine Whitlock

The constitution specifies that committee is elected annually by all choir members who are present at the Annual General Meeting. The meeting is usually held after one of the autumn rehearsals.

* Ailsa McMahon also acts as the choir’s Making Musicrepresentative.

The Music Director and Accompanist are appointed by the Committee and engaged as professionals on a contract basis.

The President (vacancy) and Vice-President Roy Dunstall) are honorary posts.