President – Roy Dunstall

Upon retiring as Chairman, Roy was appointed as Vice-President at the 2014 AGM, and as President at the 2021 AGM.

Roy joined the Choir as a bass singer in 1967, and shortly after volunteered to become their society’s Treasurer. He held this post for 40 years until 2007 when he became its Chairman, retiring in 2014 – a total of 47 years unstinting service to the society.

When Roy took over responsibility for the books, the society’s finances were in a chaotic state, but by his perseverance, hard work, and general good management he was able to bring the society into the 21st Century with with a healthy balance sheet. After taking over as Chairman, he continued his stewardship; steering the committee through some difficult crises, and working to secure valuable sponsorship of Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd. He has presided over some 160 concerts with the Choir.

As Chairman, Roy was admirably supported by his wife Jill who acted as Minutes Secretary, and both continue to sing with choir and take an active interest in the Choir.