The Verdi ‘Big Bang’ drum rolls into townVerdi Drum

Tunbridge Wells’ biggest musical event, 170 voices plus soloists and orchestra performing the world’s best known choral work, Verdi’s REQUIEM, needs an unusually powerful big drum, which has become known as the Verdi Drum. Its skin area is equivalent to NINE ‘drum kit’ bass drums. Sponsors of the hire of this unique drum are – appropriately – Bang and Olufsen!

The massed choirs of the Royal Tunbridge Wells Choral Society and the East Grinstead Choral Society, the RTWCS Orchestra and top soloists will perform the Verdi Requiem at the Assembly Hall Theatre

Here trying out the drum is Roy Dunstall, the chairman of the RTW Choral Society, at the West London home of the drum, Bell Percussion, with his ‘test subject’, Bell expert Mark Evans!

Published in the Courier –  November 2008