Morning rehearsal:

  • All singers and players should enter the Hall via the rear stage-door [on Monson Way] – and NOT via the front [Box Office] entrance.
  • The entry code for the stage-door will be: 315
  • Singers are asked to please use only the Changing rooms on the 2nd floor – that is to say the floor above our usual one. As the changing rooms are not locked during the performance, if you would like to take valuables onstage with you could ladies please bring a small black bag to put them in: men will no doubt have room in their coat pockets!
  • Singers are asked to be seated no later than 10am in order to start the rehearsal at 10.15 sharp.
  • We will observe the customary Silence at 11am
  • The choir is expected to be released by about 12.30pm and we are asked to leave quietly as the rehearsal will continue with the Orchestra and soloists

Please see the note below about limited road access in the town centre on Sunday morning ***


  • Singers should gather in both stage wings by 2.45pm, in the same order as at rehearsal on Monday 7th November. We will then file on from both sides as directed by the Section Leaders
  • Everyone is asked to please use the black music folders
  • Concert Dress:
    • Ladies: long black skirts or trousers, black long-sleeved tops; if worn, jewellery should be unobtrusive.
    • Men: dinner jackets or dark lounge suits, black bow tie, white shirts.
    • Singers are asked to please wear a Remembrance poppy.
  • Running Order:
    • The 1st half of the concert will consist of the Mahler Rückert Lieder followed by parts 1 – 3 of the Brahms
    • After the interval, the concert will conclude with parts 4 – 7 of the Brahms    

After the concert:

Please return your music books as you leave the stage. There will be boxes place in the wings.

***Note re road closures in central Tunbridge Wells on Sunday morning:
Roads in central Tunbridge Wells will be closed from 10 am until approximately 12.15. They include Monson Road, Mount Pleasant Road, Church Road, Crescent Road, York Road and Dudley Road.